How often should you shower your dog?

Does your dog stink even after getting a shower a couple days prior? Such situation make owners question "How often is too often?". The answer is, it depends on a lot of things and based on your own judgement.

According to Beth Cristiano, owner of Pretty Paws LLC, headquartered in Harrison, N.Y., "How frequently a pet needs a bath greatly varies based upon their breed, lifestyle, length of coat, and how much homework a pet owner is willing to do.”


Needless to say, dogs with long hair require higher maintenance. Resulting in frequent baths as their fur tend to trap more dirt and debris. For dogs with medium - long hair, a bath may be needed anywhere from weekly to 6 weeks.


An indoor dog does not necessary need lesser baths than an outdoor dog. Especially so if an indoor dog sleeps on the same bed with their owner. Although the chances of an outdoor dog getting dirty is higher, it could be pretty labour intensive for its owner to bathe them everyday. A quick hose down would work fine in-between bathes, or if you're more hardworking, gentle shampoos are great for everyday bathes.


If your dog is suffering for a certain medical issue, your veterinarian may suggest medicated shampoo for your dog. Depending on the severity of its condition, a medicated bath may be required twice a week.

At the bare minimum, you should shower your dog once every 3 months whether it's hairless, short, medium, or long hair. On top of it all, basic grooming like ear cleaning and nail trimming should be added into the grooming regime. Brushing should be done every other day to prevent matting of the fur.

Or follow this rule, if you don't want to get dirty touching your dog, it's time for a bath!

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